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Circumpolar Geobotanical Atlas


The Circumpolar Arctic Geobotanical Atlas is a web-based multi-scale collection of geobotanical maps and related material.  It includes maps at eight different scales, from 1-mē plots to the entire Arctic. Much of the early work was done by Donald (Skip) Walker (Alaska Geobotany Center, University of Alaska, Fairbanks, AK) and others at Toolik Lake and Imnavait Creek.

Arctic System Science (ARCSS


Many of the Geobotanical's maps are available as ARC/INFO files through a link to the Arctic System Science (ARCSS) Data Coordination Center.

Toolik Field Station GIS


The Toolik Field Station GIS was developed with support from NSF-Office of Polar Programs to help manage and support research based at the Field Station including LTER research.

Satellite images


The LTER Network Office has acquired Satellite images of the Toolik area.  These images are available and include landsat and SPOT images.

The Global Fiducial Imagery Library

The Global Fiducial Imagery Library (GFL) is a long-term archive of images from U.S. National Imagery Systems which represents a long-term periodic record for selected scientifically important sites.

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