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Arctic LTER Data Catalog

The long-term data sets of the Arctic LTER include both the monitoring data and data from the whole ecosystem manipulations in tundra, lakes and streams.  Data can be browse by research theme or project and by the five LTER Network core research areas.

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All of the Arctic LTER data sets are in the LTER Network Data Catalog and can be searched by subject (title, abstract and/or keywords), owner, spatial criteria and taxonomic criteria.

Arctic LTER Signature data set from lakes, streams, terrestrial, and land-water research groups

Arctic LTER Research Themes:

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LTER Network Core Areas: The links below will redirect you to the LTER Data Portal to search the ARC LTER database for the selected keyword. Click “Search” on the next window to complete the search.

  1. Primary Productivity
  2. Organic Matter
  3. Inorganic Nutrients
  4. Disturbance
  5. Populations


  1. Percent cover of dominant bryophytes and macro-algae in the experimental reaches of the Kuparuk River.
  2. July epilimnetic specific conductivity in Toolik Lake.
  3. Thaw depth measured in a small watershed of moist acidic tussock tundra every July 2nd and August 11th since 1990.
  4. Above ground plant biomass and leaf area measured in a moist acidic tussock tundra plots  set up in 1981 and harvested periodically.

These represent just one data set from each group.  Other files that represent Arctic LTER's research goals of predicting the response of arctic ecosystems to environmental change, both natural and anthropogenic can be view from this table.


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