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Index of Isotope data files

Index of LTER lakes Isotope data files


Isotopic values for carbon and nitrogen in biotic and abiotic samples from lakes. The files containing isotopic values for carbon and nitrogen have is as the seventh and eight characters in the file name.

  • 1987-88_LkTrout_Isotopes - Lake trout were analysed for carbon and nitrogen stable isotope values in 6 Arctic lakes near Toolik Lake at the Arctic LTER in 1987 and 1988. The fish were also analysed for age using otoliths.

  • 1988-2005_Isotopes_Kling - Composite file describing plant, animal, water, and sediment samples collected at various sites near Toolik Research Station (68 38'N, 149 36'W). Sample site descriptors include an assigned number specific to the file, a number that relates the samples to other samples collected on the same date and time (sortchem), site, date, time, and depth. Samples are identified by type, category, and a short description. Data include isotope values, carbon and nitrogen concentrations, and C:N ratios of samples.

  • 1988-89_NSlope_DIC13C - Concentration of dissolved inorganic carbon (DIC) and del 13C isotope value for lakes and rivers on North Slope from Brooks Range to Prudhoe Bay, Arctic LTER 1988 to 1989.

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