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Lake E6

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Monitoring of lake E6 started in 1999. In the year 2001 a nutrient enrichment experiment began to mimic the effects of increased nutrient availability caused by regional warming and a subsequent increase in the thaw depth of the surrounding watershed. The annual loading of both nitrogen and phosphorus were increased four fold using NH4NO3 and H3PO4 to a final annual loading of 4.0mmol N/m3 and 0.25mmol P/m3. Fertilization has continued every year since and will continue through summer 2005.

Lake Description

Lake E6 is kettle lake located on the North Slope of Alaska (68.38oN, 149.37oE)

Elevation (m): 782

Surface Area (ha): 2.0

Volume (cubic meters): 34,819

Mean Depth (m): 2

Max Depth (m): 3.2

Catchment Area (ha): NA

Water Retention Time (years): NA


Lake E6 is fishless


Keratella cochlearis

Keratella quadrata

Kellicottia longispina

Polyarthra vulgaris

Chromogaster ecaudis

Conochilus unicornis

Synchaeta sp.

Filinia longiseta


Heterocope septentrionalis

Holopedium gibberum

Bosmina longirostris

Diaptomus pribilofensis

Cyclops scutifer

Daphnia middendorffiana

Daphnia longiremis

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