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Lake I8

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Bathymetric Map


Lake I8 has been part of a long term fish density manipulation since 1989. The manipulation involves removing low numbers of fish each summer to simulate fishing pressure on a system.

Lake Description

For a full description see: Kling G.W. et al. 2000. Integration of lakes and streams in a landscape perspective: the importance of material processing on spatial patterns and temporal coherence. Freshwater Biology, 43, 477-497.

Lake I8 is at the same elevation as lake I7, but not a portion of the I1-I7 lake chain (map). I8 has one major inlet in the form of a tundra stream which enters on the southwest side of the lake.

Elevation (m): 744

Surface Area (ha): 16.3

Volume (cubic meters): 486,400

Mean Depth (m): NA

Max Depth (m): 9.1

Catchment Area (ha): 2928

Water Retention Time (years): 0.1


Arctic Grayling (Thymallus arcticus)

Slimy sculpin (Cottus cognatus)

Lake Trout (Salvelinus namaycush)

Round White fish (Prosopium cylindraceum)

Burbot (Lota lota)


Keratella cochlearis

Kellicottia longispina

Polyarthra vulgaris

Chromogaster ecaudis

Conochilus unicornis


Heterocope septentrionalis

Holopedium gibberum

Daphnia longiremis

Bosmina longirostris

Diaptomus pribilofensis

Cyclops scutifer

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