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Inlet Series Lakes

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Only one lake in the inlet series of lakes has undergone any manipulation. Lake I8 has been part of a long term fish density manipulation since 1989. The manipulation involves removing low numbers of fish each summer to simulate fishing pressure on the system.

Lake Descriptions

For a full description see: Kling G.W. et al. 2000. Integration of lakes and streams in a landscape perspective: the importance of material processing on spatial patterns and temporal coherence. Freshwater Biology, 43, 477-497.

The inlet series of lakes consist of lakes located on the two major branches on the inlet stream which flows into Toolik Lake. The western branch consist of eight lakes I1-I7, and I Swamp. The second begins with a tundra stream and consists of only on lake, I8. The two branches merge at a shallow lake known as I9, and then flow into Toolik Lake.

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I Swamp

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