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Lake I Swamp

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Bathymetric Map-NA


I Swamp has undergone no manipulation. Pelagic sampling of I Swamp began in 1991.

Lake Description

For a full description see: Kling G.W. et al. 2000. Integration of lakes and streams in a landscape perspective: the importance of material processing on spatial patterns and temporal coherence. Freshwater Biology, 43, 477-497.

I Swamp is located between lakes I7 and I9 on the Toolik inlet lake chain.

Elevation (m): 736

Surface Area (ha): 1.9

Volume (cubic meters): 34,600

Mean Depth (m): NA

Max Depth (m): 5.5

Catchment Area (ha): 86.9

Water Retention Time (years): 0.3


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