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Lake N2


Bathymetric Map


IN 1985 Lake N2 was divided with a plastic curtain. During 1985-90 the west half (N2F) was fertilized with approximately 5 times its normal loading of nitrogen and phosphorus using ammonium nitrate and phosphoric acid. The recovery of N2F and the reference side (N2R) are still being monitored.

Lake Description

Location: 68o38o27 N, 149o37o30 W

Elevation (m): 724

Surface Area (ha): 1.8

Volume (cubic meters): NA

Mean Depth (m): NA

Max Depth (m): 10.7

Catchment Area (ha): 9.0

Water Retention Time (years): NA


Arctic Grayling (Thymallus arcticus)

Slimy sculpin (Cottus cognatus)


Keratella cochlearis

Keratella quadrata

Kellicottia longispina

Polyarthra vulgaris

Chromogaster ecaudis

Conochilus unicornis

Filinia longiseta


Daphnia longiremis

Bosmina longirostris

Diaptomus pribilofensis

Cyclops scutifer

Polyphemus pediculus

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