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Landscape-Interactions Data Files

Each data file comes with a metadata documentation file. Be sure to look for the most current file version number within the dataset (especially for files that are multi-year and added to each year).  Due to the integration of Land-Water within the Arctic LTER, data collected by lakes, streams, or terrestrial groups are needed for some calculations or analysis of Land-Water data. For this reason, in all files, there is a "source" column which indicates who collected those data. Ask permission of appropriate group for use of data. Also see Lakes data for more lake chemistry and biology files.

For use of all data files we request that you notify the listed Principle Investigator of your intention to use the data, and that you properly cite the data and those responsible for its collection and use in all publications (following LTER Network data policies).

Chemistry Files - includes soil water and surface water chemistry.   Data include temperature, pH, conductivity, dissolved gases (CO2 and CH4), dissolved organic and inorganic carbon (DOC and DIC), alkalinity, inorganic and total dissolved nutrients (NH4, PO4, TDN, TDP), particulate organic nitrogen and carbon (PON and POC), Chlorophyll a, and major and minor ions.

Lake Climate Station Files - includes data from lakes E5 and Toolik by year.  Both stations measure wind speed and direction, air temperature, and humidity.  The Toolik lake station also measures net longwave and shortwave radiation.

Discharge - Measured at the Tussock Watershed weir and at the Toolik Lake Inlet, and organized by year.

Soil Files - includes temperature and moisture profiles (to 40cm depth) in the watering plot experiment and the biannual thaw depth survey for the Tussock Watershed and for the Imnavait Creek catchment transect.

Bacterial Production Files - Baterial productivity data for various lakes and streams near Toolik Lake.

Unfrozen Precipitation chemistry.


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