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  • 1990_present_TW_Thaw_Kling - Starting in 1990 thaw depth has been measured in a small watershed of tussock tundra every July 2nd and August 11th. The UTM stake grid (stakes are in a grid at every 100 meters) was used to locate the points . All measured depths are in cm. Measurements are made within a 20 cm radius of each location point. All the measurements are then averaged into a single value for the day.

  • 2003_present_Imnavait_Thaw_Kling - Thaw depth measurements in the Imnavait Creek watershed from 2003 to 2009. Depths were measured weekly to biweekly during the summer season, June to late August. A ruled stainless steel rod was inserted in non tussock microhabitat until the frozen layer was reached, and the distance was measured to the top of the organic mat (beneath the uppermost moss). Three measurements were made at each point, and were made within a 20 cm radius of each location point.

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