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Shaver, G. 1989. Above ground biomass in acidic tussock tundra experimental site, 1989, Arctic LTER, Toolik, Alaska. Arctic LTER, Marine Biological Lab, Woods Hole, Ma 02543. 1989gsttbm 

4 ) Acknowledgement. The Data User should acknowledge any institutional support or specific funding awards referenced in the metadata accompanying this dataset in any publications where the Data Set contributed significantly to its content. Acknowledgements should identify the supporting party, the party that received the support, and any identifying information such as grant numbers. For example:

Data sets were provided by the Arctic LTER. This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grants #DEB-981022, 9211775, 8702328; #OPP-9911278, 9911681, 9732281, 9615411, 9615563, 9615942, 9615949, 9400722, 9415411, 9318529; #BSR 9019055, 8806635, 8507493.

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While substantial efforts are made to ensure the accuracy of data and documentation contained in this Data Set, complete accuracy of data and metadata cannot be guaranteed. All data and metadata are made available "as is". The Data User holds all parties involved in the production or distribution of the Data Set harmless for damages resulting from its use or interpretation.

Dataset URLs:METADATA: HTML, Rich Text, XML(EML compliant)
DATA: Comma Delimited, Excel file with Metadata and data, Dataset via LTER Data Poral
Dataset ID:2004_ArcticLTER_Lakes_physchem.05
Dataset Title:Physical and chemical data for various lakes near Toolik Research Station, Arctic LTER Summer 2004.
Investigator 1: 
First Name:Anne
Last Name:Giblin
Organization:Marine Biological Laboratory
Address line 2:Ecosystems Center
Address line 3:7 MBL Street
City:Woods Hole
Zip Code:02543
Country:United States of America
Investigator 2: 
First Name:Christopher
Last Name:Luecke
Organization:Utah State University
Address line 2:Department of Watershed Science
Address line 3:
Zip Code:84322-5210
Country:United States of America
Investigator 3: 
First Name:George
Last Name:Kling
Organization:University of Michigan
Address line 2:Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
City:Ann Arbor
Zip Code:48109-1048
Country:United States of America
Investigator 4: 
First Name:Chris
Last Name:Crockett
Address line 2:
Address line 3:
Zip Code:
Associate Investigators:
Keywords:chemistry, depth, pH, conductivity, temperature, photosynthetically active radiation, light, dissolved oxygen, chlorophyll, chlorophyll a, aquatic ecosystems, arctic, freshwater, irradiance, lakes, limnology, oxygen, specific conductivity, inorganic nutrients, arctic lakes
Abstract:Yearly file describing the physical/chemical values recorded at various lakes near Toolik Research Station. Sample site descriptors include site, date, time, depth. Depth profiles of physical measures collected in situwith Hydrolab Datasonde in the field include temperature, conductivity, pH, dissolved oxygen in both percent saturation and mg/l, SCUFA chlorophyll-a values in both volts and g/l, and PAR.
For questions about the Metadata and data contact the Investigators.
For information about this web site contact:
Arctic LTER Information Manager
The Ecosystems Center
Marine Biological Lab
7 MBL St
Woods Hole, MA 02543
Phone (508) 289 7496
Online URL:
Data File URL
Data File Name 2004_ArcticLTER_Lakes_physchem.4
Beginning Date 6/16/2004
End Date 8/23/2004
Number of Data Records 1761
Other Files to Reference
Availability Status
Quality Control Information
Maintenance Description
Log of Changes: Entered metadata into new metadata form.
Version 2: Updated metadata form to newer version (without site sheet). Updated units to current standards. CH 6Feb2013
Version 3: Updated metadata form to newer version with site sheet. Note need site coordinates for Pump Station 3/ Hidden Lake. CH March 2013.
Version 4: Corrected eml filename It was missing a h in chem. JimL 17Oct2013
Version 5: Checked keywords against the LTER network preferred list and replaced non-preferred terms. Jim L 27Jan14
RESEARCH LOCATION:                                                      
Location Name Toolik Central Toolik Inlet Toolik inlet bay E 01 E 05 E 06 I1 I2 I3 I4 I5 I6 I6 headwater lake I7 I8 I swamp N 01 N 02 S 06 S 07 S 11 NE 9B Fog lake 2 Fog lake 4 Green Cabin Lake I Minus 01  
Geographic Description Toolik Lake, Main Station Toolik Lake inlet Toolik inlet bay Lake E1 Lake E5 Lake E6 Lake I1 Lake I2 Lake I3 Lake I4 Lake I5 Lake I6 Lake I6 Headwaters Lake I7 Lake I8 Lake ISwamp Lake N1 Lake N2 Lake S6 Lake S7 Lake S11 Lake NE9B Fog 2 Fog 4 Green Cabin Lake I Minus 1  
Location Bounding Box                                                      
West Bounding Coordinate                                                      
East Bounding Coordinate                                                      
North Bounding Coordinate                                                      
South Bounding Coordinate                                                      
OR if single point location                                                      
Latitude 68.629961 68.629961 68.629961 68.6261956028 68.642611 68.6434270583 68.5687130789 68.5713195633 68.5755366301 68.57956715 68.5873874391 68.5965924039 68.582062 68.6008747982 68.6101575207 68.610781 68.6398939358 68.6409472345 68.6293797816 68.6300627447 68.630148049 68.6526454831 68.6833333333333 68.68 68.53698 68.55361  
Longitude -149.612633 -149.612633 -149.612633 -149.555347706 -149.458079 -149.440564592 -149.58807625 -149.565881618 -149.583644456 -149.58405938 -149.589625877 -149.59264335 -149.622932 -149.596582063 -149.582211513 -149.600742 -149.606965643 -149.625086307 -149.641623295 -149.644441789 -149.650579145 -149.599473662 -149.1 -149.071666666667 -149.2374 -149.53397  
Elevation 719 719 719 762 800 792 785 785 774 770 767 754 806 742 744 736 731 724 731 731 750 747 785 754 883 820  
Link to Google Map View on Google Map View on Google Map View on Google Map View on Google Map View on Google Map View on Google Map View on Google Map View on Google Map View on Google Map View on Google Map View on Google Map View on Google Map View on Google Map View on Google Map View on Google Map View on Google Map View on Google Map View on Google Map View on Google Map View on Google Map View on Google Map View on Google Map View on Google Map View on Google Map View on Google Map View on Google Map  
Organisms studied
Methods:For field work and sampling protocols see "Sampling and Field Methods Protocol" on The Arctic LTER webpage ( specific link found below.

All measurements were taken with a Hydrolab Datasonde. Depth reading on sonde was calibrated in the field so that a depth of 0m was the water surface. For profiles, measurements were taken at surface (~0m), at ~0.5m depth, at ~1m of depth, then at 1m intervals until bottom. Measurements were recorded on a Surveyor 4a datalogger and also recorded in a field book. Values recovered from the Surveyor 4a datalogger were used except where values were either missing or highly suspect, in which case values from the fieldbook were used and noted under the "Notes" column.

This file was created from a working file titled "2004AKLakes". History of the file is listed below:

Date User Changes/Corrections
29-Sep-04 added 2004 physchem data to AK LAKES
29-Sep-04 added 2004 CHN data to AK LAKES, awaiting E5, E6, TLK CHN data from Sally MacIntyre before adding additional data
17-Nov-04 added 2004 CHN for Toolik, E5, E6, Sally MacIntyre UCSB was running these for me
17-Nov-04 added and double checked NO3 data, but "missing" several samples, will recheck nitrate tubes, maybe I just missed a bag
17-Nov-04 started adding TDN data, will double check data on the 18th
18-Nov-04 checked every 10th lter# to confirm agreement between AK file and Nitrate file, all points agreed
18-Nov-04 checked every 10th lter# to confirm agreement between AK file and TDN file, all points agreed
18-Nov-04 checked every 10th lter# to confirm agreement between AK file and CHN file, all points agreed
18-Nov-04 added chl a, NH4, and PO4 data, need to double check data agreement between AK lakes and specific files to insure accuracy, do this on the 19th
18-Nov-04 sample reps of NH4, PO4, chl were averaged and only the avg is reported in 2004AKLAKES
22-Nov-04 checked every 10th lter# to confirm agreement between AK file and NH4 file, all points agreed
22-Nov-04 quick check of tdn, nitrate, chn, etc (every 50th point) to make sure no errors occurred in the addition of NH4 PO4 data on the 18th
29-Nov-04 changed value of NH4 data point on Toolik 7.5m 2 July 2004-removed outlier point (0.430um NH4) from average
29-Nov-04 had labels switched on particulates, reversed C and N, made changes and placed in proper column order
30-Nov-04 added columns for C:P and N:P ratios
16-Dec-04 added to website, minus the chl data
28-Jan-05 added TN and TP columns
8-Feb-05 added TN calculation
3-Mar-05 added PP data, hand entered
3-Mar-05 added select TDP data for TP calculations, more to be added later
21-Mar-05 added calculation for converting uM PP to ug/L, need to confirm calculation
21-Mar-05 added calculation for C:P and N:P ratios
24-May-05 added 04 PP data, I'm missing the last batch of august PPs check in AK, I may not have packed them up
25-May-05 added remaining TDP data
25-May-05 Finished Total N column calculations
25-May-05 Finished Total P column calculations
26-May-05 added E5 E6 NH4/SRP data which were analyzed on 25/26 May by PIE RAs Lee and Gaines
27-May-05 added last batch of PP data run on 27May05 mostly I Series samples
27-May-05 read notes on I3 samples 29, 171, 172 I'm missing an I3 22june04 3m, but I''ve a "duplicate" 13july04 sample, are these two switched
29-Nov-05 updated website file aklakes
29-Nov-05 corrected data point for E6 23Aug04 0m NH4um which was incorrectly entered as 0.28 instead of 0.58uM
5-Dec-05 added 2004 CHN data which was ran in 2005, including values for Green Cabin 12Aug04, I Minus 12Aug04, and Toolik 13Aug04, see above link
6-Feb-05 added columns for pheophytin, but no data yet
22-Feb-06 recalculated nitrate values (digestion eff. Change) in 2004 Nitrate.xls and transferred new values to 2004AKLAKES, values differ by less than 5%
22-Feb-06 ran data checks, all look good
1-May-06 sent file to C. Luecke

Data Table

Variable Name Variable Description Data Type Units DateTime Format Code Information Missing Value Code
Site Site Name: Name of the lake where measurements were taken. There are discrete sampling sites defined by water depth, generally they are at the point of maximum depth. text        
Date Date readings were taken on. datetime   dd-mmm-yyyy    
Time_hr_dst Exact time that each reading was recorded in Alaska Daylight Savings Time (1 hour ahead of Alaska Standard Time: if 13:00 DST than 12:00 AST) datetime   hh:mm:ss   .=Missing or Not Measured
IBVSvr4a_V Internal Battery Voltage of the Surveyor 4a Datalogger. number volt     .=Missing or Not Measured
Temp_C Water temperature at depth. number celsius     .=Missing or Not Measured
Cond_uS Electrical conductivity of the water at depth. number microsiemenPerCentimeter     .=Missing or Not Measured
Dep_m Depth of water measurement taken at starting from the surface as 0. number meter     .=Missing or Not Measured
pH pH (opposite of the log of the hydrogen ion concentration). number dimensionless     .=Missing or Not Measured
DO_Sat The percent saturation of dissolved oxygen at depth. number percent     .=Missing or Not Measured
DO_mg/l The concentration of dissolved oxygen at depth. number milligramPerLiter     .=Missing or Not Measured
Chl_V In Vivo measurement of chlorophyll-a concentration. number volt     .=Missing or Not Measured
Chl_ug/l In Vivo measurement of chlorophyll-a concentration. number microgramPerLiter     .=Missing or Not Measured
PAR_uEm2s PAR (photosynthetically active radiation) measured below the water surface. number microEinsteinPerMeterSquaredPerSecond     .=Missing or Not Measured
refPAR_uEm2s PAR (photosynthetically active radiation) measured with Deck unit to correct for changes in ambient light. number microEinsteinPerMeterSquaredPerSecond     .=Missing or Not Measured
Secchi_m Measure of water transparency by depth a Secchi Disk is visible to. number meter     .=Missing or Not Measured
Hydrolab This field indicates which Hydrolab Datasonde instrument was used to take measurements text        
Notes Any additional information pertaining to measurments made for a particular depth, place and time. text        

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