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Arctic LTER Database

Acceptance and utilization of LTER data requires that:

(1) The Principal Investigator be sent a notice stating reasons for acquiring any data and a description of the publication intentions.
(2) The Principal Investigator of the data set be sent a copy of the report or manuscript prior to submission and be adequately cited in any resultant publications.
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Principal Investigator
Ecosystems Center
Marine Biological Laboratory
7 MBL St.
Woods Hole, MA 02543

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Dataset ID:01ADHSSB
Dataset Title:Total numbers per square meter and taxa of insects taken during a survey of headwater streams in the Toolik Lake region during the summer of 2001, Arctic LTER 2001.
Investigator 1: 
First Name:Alexander
Last Name:Huryn
Address line 1:
Address line 2:
Address line 3:
Zip Code:
Associate Investigators:Karie Slavik, Stephanie Parker
Keywords:North Slope, Brooks Range, invertebrates, insects
Abstract: Total numbers per square meter and taxa of insects taken during a survey of headwater streams in the Toolik Lake region during the summer of 2001.
Contact: Arctic LTER Information Manager
The Ecosystems Center
Marine Biological Lab
7 MBL St
Woods Hole, MA 02543
Phone (508) 289 7496
Online URL:
Data File Name 01ADHSSB
Beginning Date 5/1/2001
End Date 9/1/2001
Number of Data Records
Other Files to Reference
Availability Status
Quality Control Information
Maintenance Description
Log of Changes: Log of changes: For Archival Use: DATE RECEIVED: Jan, 2004 DATA FILE ENTERED BY: Adrian Green DATA FILE VALIDATION: NAME: Adrian Green DATE: Jan, 2004
Geographic Description Foothills and Brooks Range extending in a rough arc from the headwater of the Itkilik River to Echooka Springs. Streams were classified as glacier (GLA), tundra (TND), tundra spring (TSPR), mountain (MTN), mountain spring (MSPR).
Location Bounding Box
West Bounding Coordinate
East Bounding Coordinate
North Bounding Coordinate
South Bounding Coordinate
OR if single point location
Organisms studied

A Surber sampler (25 X 25 cm frame fitted with a 243 um mesh net) was used to sample invertebrates on a single date at each site. Five replicates were taken from at least two riffles at each site. Samples were preserved in 4% formaldehyde and transported to Orono, Maine, where invertebrates were removed by hand under 15X magnification and then identified and counted. All values are the mean of five replicates and have been converted to individuals per square meter.

Notes: *** All insect numbers are larval counts unless noted otherwise. ***

Sampling Description.


Data Table

Variable	Descrip.		Precis./Units	Coded Missing
(Y/N) Values
SITE	Stream	        				Y
TYPE	type of stream					Y
DATE	date                   		DDMMMYY      	N
Acarina	number of Acarina		#/m2		N
Gammar	number of Gammarus		#/m2		N
Acent	number of Acentrella		#/m2		N
Baet_2	number of Baetis (2-tail)	#/m2		N
Baet_3	number of Baetis (3-tail)	#/m2		N
Brachy	number of Brachycentrus		#/m2		N
Capniid	number of Capniidae		#/m2		N
Brush	number of "Brush" orthoclads	#/m2		N
Crush	numer of "Crusher" orthoclads	#/m2		N
Boreo	number of Boreoheptagyia	#/m2		N
Const	number of Constempellina   	#/m2		N
Coryn	number of Corynoneura    	#/m2		N
Cricot	number of Cricotopus		#/m2		N
Diamesa	number of Diamesa            	#/m2		N
Diamesi	number of Diamesinae      	#/m2		N
Diplocl	number of Diplocladius		#/m2		N
Eukief	number of Eukieferiella		#/m2		N
Hydrob	number of Hydrobaenus		#/m2		N
Tanyp	number of Tanypodinae		#/m2		N
Kreno	number of Krenosmittia		#/m2		N
Microp	number of Micropsectra		#/m2		N
O _riv	number of O. rivularum		#/m2		N
O_iinae	number of Orthocladiinae	#/m2		N
Orthocl	number of Orthocladius		#/m2		N
Pagast	number of Pagastia		#/m2		N
Paralim	number of Paralimnophyes	#/m2		N
Paramet	number of Parametriocnemus	#/m2		N
Parapha	number of Paraphaenocladius	#/m2		N
Pseudod	number of Pseudodiamesa		#/m2		N
Pseudok	number of Pseudokiefferiella	#/m2		N
Rheocr	number of Rheocricotopus	#/m2		N
Rheosm	number of Rheosmittia		#/m2		N
Syndia	number of Syndiamesa		#/m2		N
Synorth	number of Synorthocladius	#/m2		N
Tanytar	number of Tanytarsini		#/m2		N
Thienem	number of Thienemaniella	#/m2		N
Trichot	number of Trichotanypus		#/m2		N
Tvet	number of Tvetenia		#/m2		N
Chlorop	number of Chloroperlidae	#/m2		N
Chelif	number of Chelifera		#/m2		N
Clinoc	number of Clinocera		#/m2		N
Oreog	number of Oreogeton		#/m2		N
Ephem	number of Ephemerella		#/m2		N
Fossar	number of Fossaria		#/m2		N
Pulmon	number of Pulmonata		#/m2		N
Glosso	number of Glossosoma		#/m2		N
Cinyg	number of Cinygmula		#/m2		N
Dicos	number of Dicosmoecus		#/m2		N
Ecclis	number of Ecclisiomyia		#/m2		N
Hesper	number of Hesperophylax		#/m2		N
Onocos	number of Onocosmoecus		#/m2		N
Limno	number of Limnophora(?)		#/m2		N
Nem	number of Nemoura		#/m2		N
Pod	number of Podmosta		#/m2		N
Zap	number of Zapada		#/m2		N
Oligoch	number of Oligochaeta		#/m2		N
Rhynch	number of Rhynchelmis		#/m2		N
Ostrac	number of Ostracoda		#/m2		N
Arcyn	number of Arcynopteryx		#/m2		N
Isop	number of Isoperla		#/m2		N
Peric	number of Pericoma		#/m2		N
Rhyac	number of Rhyacophila		#/m2		N
Gymnop	number of Gymnopais		#/m2		N
Metac	number of Metacnephia		#/m2		N
Prosim	number of Prosimulium		#/m2		N
Simul	number of Simulium		#/m2		N
Stegop	number of Stegopterna		#/m2		N
Dicran	number of Dicranota		#/m2		N
Hexat	number of Hexatoma		#/m2		N
Pedic	number of Pedicia		#/m2		N
Tipula	number of Tipula		#/m2		N
Turbell	number of Turbellaria		#/m2		N
Variable        Formula

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