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Acceptance and utilization of LTER data requires that:

(1) The Principal Investigator be sent a notice stating reasons for acquiring any data and a description of the publication intentions.
(2) The Principal Investigator of the data set be sent a copy of the report or manuscript prior to submission and be adequately cited in any resultant publications.
(3) A copy of any resultant publications should be sent to:

Principal Investigator
Ecosystems Center
Marine Biological Laboratory
7 MBL St.
Woods Hole, MA 02543

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Dataset ID:96dlwsh
Dataset Title:Arctic LTER 1996: Hourly weather data from a wet sedge site at the Arctic Tundra LTER site at Toolik Lake.
Investigator 1: 
First Name:GUS
Last Name:SHAVER
Address line 1:
Address line 2:
Address line 3:
Zip Code:
Associate Investigators:JIM LAUNDRE
Keywords:weather, temperature, radiation, wind, relative humidity
Abstract: Hourly weather data from a wet sedge site at the Arctic Tundra LTER site at Toolik Lake. The following parameters are measured every minute and averaged every hour: control and greenhouse plot air temperature and relative humidity at 3 meters.
Contact: Arctic LTER Information Manager
The Ecosystems Center
Marine Biological Lab
7 MBL St
Woods Hole, MA 02543
Phone (508) 289 7496
Online URL:
Data File Name 96dlwsh
Beginning Date 5/1/1996
End Date 9/1/1996
Number of Data Records
Other Files to Reference
Availability Status
Quality Control Information
Maintenance Description
Log of Changes: Log of changes: For Archival Use: DATE RECEIVED: Jun 2000 DATA FILE ENTERED BY: Jim Laundre DATA FILE VALIDATION: NAME: Jim Laundre DATE:
Geographic Description University of Alaska Fairbanks Toolik Field Station, North Slope of Alaska (68 degrees 38'N, 149 degrees 36'W)
Location Bounding Box
West Bounding Coordinate
East Bounding Coordinate
North Bounding Coordinate
South Bounding Coordinate
OR if single point location
Organisms studied

Starting in June 1994 weather data has been collected in the wet sedge experimental plots (block 1) at the Arctic Tundra LTER site at Toolik Lake. Air temperature and relative humidity and soil temperatures are collected on the following treatment plots: control, nitrogen alone, phosphorus alone, nitrogen plus phosphorus, shade house and greenhouse. Air temperature and relative humidity are read every minute and averaged every hour while soil temperatures are read every 3 minutes and averaged every 4 hours. The shade and green houses covers are only installed June thru August.

Notes: Greenhouses were not covered until early June but the sensors were up year round. Data was lost during winter 1995-1996. Relative humidity is low, never reaching above 90%. Data were not corrected.

Sampling Description.


Data Table

NOTE: All missing values are indicated by a #N/A.
Variable       Variable Description            Units
::::      ::::::::::::::      :::-
YEAR            Year of collection             yyyy
DATE            Date of collection             dd-mmm-yyyy
MONTH           Month of collection            integer
DAYS            Julian plus fraction of day    integer
ID              Data logger program step.       integer
JULIAN          Julian Day                     ddd
HOUR            Time in Alaska Standard Time   2400 format
CT Air Temp     Air temp @1.5 meters           Celsius
GH Air Temp     Greenhouse air temp            Celsius
CT RH           Relative humidity              Percent
GH RH           Greenhouse relative humidity   Percent
Comments        Notes about individual data.
Variable        Formula
DAYS :           JULIAN + (HOUR/2400)

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