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October 2004

  • Andy Mahoney, University of Alaska - Geophysical Institute: "Alaskan Landfast Sea Ice: How Fast Is It?"
  • Nadine Barlow, Northern Arizona University: "The Exploration of Mars and Search for Water with the Two Mars Rovers"
  • Pieter deHart, Doctoral Student, UAF: "Bowhead Whale Migrations: Visualizing Past, Present, and Future Patterns Using Modern Stable Isotope Technology"
  • James Pinto, University of Colorado: "The Aerosonde With a Microscope Eye"
  • Anupma Prakash, University of Alaska - Geophysical Institute: "GIS and Remote Sensing in the Barrow Area"

September 2004

  • Beverly Hugo, ECHO Project Manager: "Iñupiat Heritage Center Programs and Productions"
  • Nicolle Egan, Vice President, Special Olympics, Alaska: "Special Olympics in Alaska"
  • Jill Exe, Hopson Middle School Teacher: "Scientists and Alaska Science Teachers Team Up: Barrow Fieldwork for Better Classroom Teaching"
  • Torsten Sachs, BASC Fulbright Scholar in Residence: "Permafrost Degradation and Greenhouse Gases"
  • Eric Mills, Dalhousie University: "Arctic and Antarctic: How We Learn About the Oceans"
  • Mott Greene, University of Pugent Sound: "They’re Not “Native Guides,” They’re Local Scientists: Some Inuit Explorers in Greenland, 1905-1930"

August 2004

  • Audrey Taylor, Doctoral Student, UAF: "Fly South, Young Birds: Staging Shorebird Studies in Barrow"
  • Craig George, North Slope Borough - DWM: "Bowheads and the IWC"
  • Laura Broughton, The Ecosystems Center: "What do microbes do for you?"
  • Deborah Foster, Author: "The Overland Expedition to Barrow"

July 2004

  • Dora Nelson & Kim Davis, Teachers (North Carolina & California): "Teachers and Scientists"
  • Marcus Sadak, Michigan State University: "Remote Sensing in the Arctic"
  • Jesse Ford & Susan Allen-Gil, Oregon State University: "Fish Studies - Working with the Iñupiat"
  • Jennie Hoffman, Central Washington College: "UV Radiation & Plankton "
  • Brenda Mulac, Aerosonde: "What is Aersonde? "

June 2004

  • Elke Bergholz, Teacher: "TEA w/CMDL Ozone South Pole"
  • Joan Gibbs, University of South Australia: "EcoRestoration/Aboriginal Plants"
  • Don Perovich, US Army CRREL: "The Arctic and Climate Change"
  • Yoshi Harazono, International Arctic Research Center: "CH4 Flux in Ecosystems"

May 2004

  • Geoff Carroll, Alaska Department of Fish & Game: "Mushing to the North Pole"
  • Nicole Jeffery, Barrow High School Student: "Wild vs. Farmed Salmon"
  • Luke George, Holmgren State University, California: "Ecology"
  • Anne Jensen, UIC Science Division: "Archeaology Opportunities 2005"
  • Hajo Eicken, University of Alaska - Geophysical Institute: "Sea Ice"
  • Roger Trottier, North Slope Borough School District: "Alaska Native Education Program - Bilingual Kits "

April 2004

  • Jana Harcharek, North Slope Borough School District: "Whaling Journal"
  • Susan Edwardsen, Barrow High School Student: "Genetic Variability of Caribou"
  • Jon Liston & Glen Holmgren , US Army CRREL: "Nome to Barrow Snow Study"
  • Carla Collette, Point Defiance Zoo - Tacoma, Washington: "Arctic Animals"

March 2004

  • Steve Brooks, National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration: "Mercury in the Arctic"
  • Jana Harcharek, North Slope Borough School District: "Health & Disease "
  • Jeff Fair, Author: "Science Writing for Kids"

February 2004

  • Craig & Twigg George, Author & North Slope Borough - DWM "Science and Writing"
  • Christopher Krembs, University of Washington: "Microbial Slime"
  • Brian Person, North Slope Borough - DWM: "It's All About Food: Gosling Growth"
  • Dave Anderson, Gina Sturm, Dave Strickland, Tony Edwards, National Weather Service: "This is YOUR National Weather Service"

January 2004

  • Lana McNeil, Ilisagvik College: "Dinosaurs and Their Kin; Glimpses of a Lost World
  • Bernard Coakley, Geophysical Institute, University of Alaska, Fairbanks: "Exploring the Arctic Ocean from US Navy Submarines"
  • Matt Irinaga, Barrow Arctic Science Consortium: "The Adelie Penguins of Palmer Station Antarctica"
  • Josh Kreilich, Patti Rice, Eilene Burke & Raymond Lambrecht, Barrow High School: "Eider Journey 2003"

December 2003

  • Clayton Lambrecht, U.I.C. Utilities, NARL Water/Wastewater Treatment: "Water in - Water Out"
  • Richard & Arlene Glenn, BASC Ambassadors to China, CHINA: "Shaking Earth Connections to Barrow and Our Visit to the Largest Country"

November 2003

  • 8th Grade Earth Science Students- Hopson Middle School: "Discover minerals in Barrow rocks! Learn the classification system and testing of minerals that are commonly found in rocks!"
  • Mary Hicks, NSB Health Department: "The Science of Plain Talk Code, Cues, and Myths."
  • Kyle Bodfish & Luke George, Hopson Middle School 7th Graders: "Fishing at Ikroagvik Lake"
  • Leena Ongley, Speech/Language Pathologist & Audiologist, Frontier Ear, Human Hearing.
  • Dave Koester, Department of Transportation: "Amundsen-Scott South Pole Research Station Life at the Bottom"

October 2003

  • Craig George, Wildlife Biologist, NSB Department of Wildlife Management: "Bowhead Whales: Fact & Fiction"
  • Mike Ebinger, Director of ARM Education, Tina Sommer & Margo Bachman, ARM Education graduate students: "Climate Change: Science & Traditional Knowledge, A New Exhibit at the Iñupiat Heritage Center"
  • Sandra Wise, Bioscience Research Institute, University of Southern Maine: "Developing Cell Lines for Comparative Carcinogenesis in Humans and Bowhead Whales"

September 2003

  • Debby Edwardson, Author, Ida Olemaun, Olemaun Crew, NSBSD School Board: "Telling Our Stories"
  • Joseph Okakok, HMS 8th Grade Student, William Leavitt, BHS 9th Grade Student: "ANSWER Camp"
  • Ronnie Stanford, BHS & HMS: "A Teacher's Take on the Arctic, Guiding and Learning"
  • Ian van Tets, Department of Biological Sciences, University of Alaska Anchorage: "How do Lemmings Survive the Arctic Winter?"

August 2003

  • Brenda Mulac, University of Colorado, David Wright & Daniel Fowler, Aerosonde Inc.: "Is it a Bird? Is it a Plane? NO, it's an AEROSONDE!"
  • Craig Tweedie, David Zaks, & Shawn Serbin, Michigan State University and Allison Graves, Nuna Technologies: "Map Quest Move Over: The Barrow Area Information Data Internet Map Server (BAID-IMS) is here!"
  • Michael Knoche, University of Alaska Fairbanks, AK Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit: "The Biology of King Eiders: What Can Their Feathers Tell Us?"
  • Leanne Lestak, University of Colorado, Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences: "An Analysis of Coastal Erosion at Barrow"
  • Kathleen Crane, Arctic Research Office, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Silver Spring, MD: "Arctic Exploration in the 21st Century"

June and July 2003

  • Klaus Meiners, Dept. of Geology and Geophysics, Yale University: "The Role of Mucus in Marine Habitats"
  • Kathy Turco, Natural Sound Recording Artist & Science Education Audio Producer: "Alaska's Spirit Speaks. Listening to Alaska: How to Use Sounds to Share Knowledge about the Natural World"
  • Steve Norwick, Department of Environmental Studies & Planning, Sonoma State University, Rohnert Park, CA: "The Beach Is a River of Water, Sand and Energy"
  • Rick Lanctot, Alaska Shorebird Coordinator, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Anchorage, Alaska: "Shorebirds: Facts about Those Little Birds on the Tundra"
  • Denver Holt, Owl Research Institute, Charlo, Montana: "The Snowy Owl in Barrow"
  • Nora Rojek, Biologist, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Fairbank, Alaska: "Steller's and Spectacled Eiders"
  • Tami Mau, Institute of Marine Science, University of Alaska Fairbanks: "FEATS OF FAT: The Impressive Role of Fats in the Everyday Life of Marine Mammals"
  • Lara Dehn, Institute of Arctic Biology, University of Alaska Fairbanks: "Bearded & Ringed Seals: An Inside Look"
  • Geoff Carroll, Alaska Department of Fish & Game, Barrow, AK: "The Return of Umingmak: The Reestablishment of Muskoxen in Northern Alaska"

May 2003

  • Ben Holt, Oceanography Group, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, CA: "Presented: NASA Observations of the Arctic Ocean: A New Effort to Measure Sea Ice Thickness"
  • Alan Springer, Institute of Marine Science, University of Alaska, Fairbanks: "Food Web Pathways in the Beaufort Sea: Where do the Ice Algae Go?"
  • Maggie Reinbold & Kimberly Davis, PISCES Science Corps, San Diego State University, California State University, San Marcos: "The PISCES Project & Nesting Shorebirds"
  • Chris Olds, Site Supervisor & HAVE Operator, Mark Walker, HAVE Operator, Agviq Corp. Barrow, AK: "SOIL REMEDIATION, The Hot Air Vapor (HAVE) Extraction System"

April 2003

  • Martin O. Jeffries, Geophysical Institute, University of Alaska Fairbanks: "Lake Ice and Science Education, a Project with Barrow Students and Students across Alaska"
  • Keith Benson, U.S. National Science Foundation, Arlington, Virginia: "From Expeditions to Experiments: Biology's Move from the Field to the Laboratory"
  • Rune Storvold, Geophysical Institute, University of Alaska Fairbanks: "Measuring Snow from Space and from the Ground"
  • Ronald Greeley, Department of Geological Sciences, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ: "Solar System Exploration with a Focus on The Icy Jupiter Moon Europa"

March 2003

  • Araina Brower, Bobbi Brower, Michelle Frantz, Barrow High School and Rita Frantz, North Slope Borough DWM: "Greenhouse Effect or Trees on the Tundra?"
  • Blossom Amistoso, Dianne Dela Rosa, Mariecris Hernandez & Christina Jeffery Barrow High School: "Whale MHC Variability: What's genes got to do with it?"
  • Matthew Sturm, USA-CRREL-Alaska, Ft. Wainwright, AK: "Teaching a Satellite to Measure Ice & Snow from Space"
  • Bjarne Jensen & Henrik Skov: "Atmospheric Mercury & the High Concentration of Hg in Some Sea Mammals in the Arctic"

February 2003

  • Christopher Krembs, Polar Science Center, University of Washington: "Microbial Slime in Commercial Food & Sea Ice!?!"
  • Robert Suydam, NSB Department of Wildlife Management: "EIDERS: What Do They Have To Do With Lemmings?"
  • Rolf Gradinger & Bodil Bluhm, Institute of Marine Science, University of Alaska, Fairbanks, Alaska: "Hidden Life in the Arctic Sea Ice: from Barrow's Shore-Fast Ice to the Central Arctic Ocean"
  • Dan Endres, CMDL, NOAA: "CO2, What it means to you"

January 2003

  • Rick Lanctot, USFWS, Anchorage, Alaska: "BARROW'S HIDDEN TREASURE; Little Known Facts about Alaska's Shorebirds"
  • Maggie Reinbold, San Diego State University, San Diego, CA: "Bringing Hands-on Science to the Arctic: The PISCES Project"
  • Jack Kruse, University of Alaska, Anchorage: "Survey of Living Conditions in the Arctic.Vivian Aira, University of Tromsø, Norway. Living Conditions among the Sámi Today"

December 2002

  • Steve Brooks, NOAA: "Mercury Pollutants in the Air"
  • Tim Buckley, Barrow High School: "EIDER JOURNEY, Barrow Students Study Steller's Eiders at Cold Bay, Alaska"
  • Scott Barr, North Slope Borough: "Thermal Oxidation System Facility Operator, Thermal Oxidation System or Do We Really Want to Bury Fuel?"

November 2002

  • Jesse Ford, Oregon State University: "Pollutants & North Slope Fish. How do they come together and how do we figure it out?"
  • Earl Finklerr, KBRW and Jill Exe, Ipalook Elementary School: "Barrow's Scale Model of the solar system and an indoor tour of the solar system!"
  • Ben Frantz, Barrow Utilities & Electric Cooperative, Inc.: "Wastewater Treatment in the Arctic, What Happens to What Goes Down the Drain And How About the Future?"

October 2002

  • Sandy Wise, University of Southern Maine: "Immortalizing the Bowhead Whale: Tissues and Cells, Promise and Prospect, and Bowheads & Humans Compared"
  • Robert Suydam, Wildlife Biologist, North Slope Borough, Dept. of Wildlife Mgt.: "Beluga Whales: The Supreme Ice Navigator? What we know about their biology and life and what we are still trying to learn"
  • Richard Glenn, President, BASC Board of Directors: "AMERICA'S FARTHEST NORTH PRODUCING GAS FIELDS, A Narrative of the USGS and Its Early Hydrocarbon Exploration Efforts near Barrow, Alaska"
  • Tim Buckley, Science Teacher and former TEA participant, Barrow High School: "Ice, Bears and Algae: Exploits from the Arctic West Section Cruises aboard USCGC Polar Sea"

September 2002

  • Leslie Pierce, Science Teacher, Barrow High School: "Greenhouse on the Tundra"
  • Craig George, Wildlife Biologist, NSB Department of Wildlife Mgt.: "Living with Polar Bears"
  • Geoff Carroll, Wildlife Biologist, Alaska Department of Fish & Game: "Walking to the North Pole"
  • Anne Jensen, Senior Scientist, Ukpeagvik Iñupiat Corporation Science Division: "Archaeology at Nuvuk"

August 2002

  • Barry Baker, The Nature Conservancy: "The Nature Conservancy's Climate Change Science Initiative - From China to Bolivia to Alaska"
  • Will Bleam & Heidi Bialk for Jim Bockheim, University of Wisconsin: "Soil Development
  • Jerry Brown, International Permafrost Association: "Permafrost and ground ice"
  • Hajo Eicken & Andy Mahoney, University of Alaska: "Sea Ice along the Barrow Coastline and farther offshore"
  • Anna Klene & Nikolay Shiklomanov, University of Delaware: "Hazards associated with permafrost"

July 2002

  • Andrew Johnson, Michigan State University and Leslie Pierce, Barrow High School: "Wildflowers: Observing and Collecting and What's an Herbarium?"
  • Scott Palo, Department of Aerospace Engineering Science, University of Colorado, Boulder CO: "Using Meteors to Measure the Wind in the Upper Atmosphere Over Barrow"
  • Craig Tweedie, Arctic Ecology Laboratory, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI: "How and Why Is the Tundra Changing Near Barrow and What Does this Mean from a Local, Regional, and Global Perspective?"
  • Chris Hendrickson & Katie Wellnitz, Bigfoot MODIS Validation project

May 2002

  • Bjorn Johns, UNAVCO, Boulder, CO: "Surveying With Differemtial Global Positioning System"
  • Steve Brooks, NOAA, Oak Ridge, TN: "Mercury Pollution In Barrow's Air And Snow"

June 2002

  • Don Perovich, Cold Regions Research & Engineering Laboratory, Hanover, NH and Tom Grenfell, Department of Atmospheric Sciences, University of Washington, Seattle, WA: "Growth & Decay Of Ice & Snow At The Edge Of The Arctic Basin"
  • Fred Huemmrich, University of Maryland: "Tundra Ecology, Climate Change, & How Satellites See Them"
  • John Wingfield, Department of Zoology, University of Washington, Seattle, WA: "Arrival Biology Of Migrant Birds In The Arctic"
  • Philip Martin, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Fairbanks, AK: "Barrow Bird Stories"
  • Suzanne Randazzo, Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, MA: "Schoolyard Long-Term Ecological Research Fertilization And Warming"

April 2002

  • Ken Hinkel & Dr. Wendy Eisner, Department of Geography, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH: "Thaw Lakes & Drained Thaw Lakes In And Around Barrow"
  • Brenda Mulac, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO: "Studying Sea Ice From A Robotic Airplane"
  • Bernie Zak, U.S. Department of Energy, Atmospheric Radiation Measurement, Barrow, AK: "Balloon Launching And The Sun's Radiation"

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