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Arctic LTER Streams Data

  • Temperature and discharge: contains summer temperature and discharge files for each stream.
  • Stream_chemistry: contains files on weekly concentrations of phosphate, nitrate, and ammonium in each stream and in the Kuparuk and New Reach hyporheic zone. Also contains files on epilithic chlorophyll a concentrations and the metabolism of epilithic algae and bryophytes in each stream.
  • Stream Metabolism: Contains data from Whole Stream Metabolism Analysis and chamber tests
  • Moss:Contains data on moss abundance, nutrient composition, and point transects.
  • Insects: contains files on bottom and drift sampling of benthic insects in each stream.
  • Fish: contains files on growth of adult and young-of-the-year Arctic grayling, and on long-term tag/recovery of adult and juvenile grayling in each stream.
  • Timeline: contains a list of specific experimental manipulations in each year for each stream.
  • Site code: contains a list of all the sites and site codes of the study sites in the Toolik Lake region.
  • Protocols: Sampling and analysis protocols for the ARC LTER Streams project.
  • Web data inventory: Summary chart of available datasets. In progress – 1/13/04

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