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Soil properties and chemical compostition and extractable nutrients

del C-13 and Radiocarbon dates

  • 1987-1988WaterTrack_Vegetation13C-15N - del 13C and del 15N ratios were measured for plant and lichen in watertracks in the Toolik Lake drainage and the east facing slope of the Imnavait Creek area. Sampling locations for each species for a specific date were chosen across an elevation gradient starting from the lakeside and leading to ridge crest. The vegetation was dried and analyzed for stable isotopes.

  • 1989_SoilCore13C-15N - del 13C and del 15N ratios were measured on a peat core at 2 cm depth intervals. Peat cores were taken at Imnavait Creek, Pump Station 3, the Happy Valley Steram and Olikok Dock Road along the Dalton Highway, Alaska.

  • 1989_SoilCoreProperties - Peat cores were collected along the Dalton Highway in 1989 and analysed for percent moisture, percent organic carbon, bulk densitey, del C-13, and radiocarbon content at varying depth intevals throughout the core. Samples were collected to the mineral zone and kept in cold storage until analysis. Samples were collected from 12 sites.

  • 1990-1991Imnavait_DOC13C - del 13C was determined from dissolved organic carbon collected from Imnavait Creek waters in 1990 and 1991

  • 1990-1991Imnavait_SoilProperties - Percent moisture, bulk density, percent loss on ignition and percent organic carbon were measured for peat collected from soils in the Imnavait Creek watershed.

  • 1990Imnavait_Moss13C - Del 13C ratios were measured for mosses collected from terrestrial, emergent and submerged sites in pond 13 of Imnavait Creek.

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