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ARC LTER Terrestrial Data Base: Flowering and Growth

Eriophorium Vaginatum Flowering Sites

General Description:

Growth, flowering, and nutrient content of Eriophorum vaginatum were observed annually at 34 sites spanning 5.5degrees latitude and 1050 m elevation in northern and central Alaska. Most sites were established in 1980. Howerver, observations of 10 sites began in 1976, and four others were added in 1977-1979. Each site contain six reps with a few having 10 reps. Initially the number of tussocks, the number of flowering tussocks, the number of ungrazed flowering tillers, and the number of grazed flowering tillers were recorded every year for each rep. Later sampling was simplified and only the number of flowering tillers recorded. Sites established before 1980 are mostly factorial or partial factorial fertilizer treatments with N=4.

Approximate site locations are shown on the map of the haul road.

In addition to flowering data, some sites also have Evag wt/tiller data. At each site there are 6-8 reps. Since wt/tiller measurements are destructive, samples are collected outside the E.vaginatum flowering plots.

Across this broad geographic area the year to year variation in number of Eriophorum vaginatum flowers occurs uniformly. In a high flowering year almost all the sites along the transect will be above each site's long-term average while in a low flowering year all sites are below the average. Comparing flowering to daily air temperatures of the fall previous to flower development averaged with the spring/summer daily temperatures a good relationship is obtained. See Eriophorum vaginatum poster for details.

For additional information see also Shaver, G.R, N.Fetcher, and F.S. Chapin,III. 1986. Growth and flowering in Eriophorum vaginatum : annual and latitudinal variation. Ecology 67(6), 1524-35.

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