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Following are brief descriptions of the sensors used at our weather monitoring stations. Included with each description is a list of stations using the sensor and the number of sensors at that site. Company addresses follow the list. For additional information: Database Weather Documentations .


Li-Cor, Pyranometer: Model LI-200SA-  Sensor measures global solar radiation (sun plus sky).  Specs: Sensitivity - 80mA per 1000 Watts m-2. Absolute error max ±5% but typically ±3%. Stations: Toolik - 1, Toolik AcidicTussock LTER - 5,  Sag - 1


Li-Cor, Quantum. Model LI-190SB. Quantum measure photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) in mmol s-1 m-2. Specs: range 400-700nm wavelength. Sensitivity 8mA/1000 mmol s-1 m-2.  Relative error less then ±10% for plant canopies or less then ±5% for growth chambers. Toolik - 1, Toolik Tussock LTER - 1, Sag - 1.


Li-Cor Underwater Quantum. LI-192SB. Accurate measurement of PAR in Aquatic systems. Spec: Sensitivity 3mA/100mE s-1 m-2. Relative error less then ±5%. Temperature dependence ±0.15% per °C. Maximum pressure 800 psi. Toolik - 1.


Campbell Scientific, CS500 Temperature and Relative Humidity Probe. Uses PRT for temperature measurement; capacitive RH chip for RH. Accuracy is ±3% over 10-90% RH; ±6% over 90-100% RH. Manufactured by Vaisala, Inc.


MET-ONE, (supplied by Campbell Scientific) Wind direction use a light weight, air foil vane and a potentiometer to produce an output that varies proportional with wind direction. Specs: Minimum Wind speed to get accurate reading = 1.0 mph. Accuracy ±5° Temperature range -50 to 70°C. Toolik - 1, Toolik Tussock LTER - 1, Sag - 1.


MET-ONE, (supplied by Campbell Scientific) Wind speed sensor Model 014A. Sensor uses a 3-cup anemometer assembly and simple magnet-read switch assembly to produce a series of contact closures whose frequency is proportional to wind speed. Specs: Operating Range - 0 to 125 mph or 0-60 m/s. Accuracy ±1.5% or 0.25 mph. Working temperature range - -50 to 85°C. Toolik - 2, Toolik Tussock LTER - 1, Sag - 1


Texas Electronics, Inc. (supplied by Campbell Scientific) Tipping Bucket Electric Rain Gauge. A complex spun collector funnel with a knife edge that diverts the water to a tipping bucket mechanism. For each tip a magnet causes an electronic pulse that is recorded. Each alternate tip occurs for each 0.01 inch of rainfall. Specs: Accuracy 1% at 2 inches/hr or less. Accurate Temperature Range: 0 - 37°C. Stations: Toolik - 1, Toolik Tussock LTER - 1,  Sag - 1.


Omega Engineering, Copper-Constantan wire. Range -200 to 350 °C. Limits of error: Standard wire 1.0°C or 0.75% above 0°C and 1.0°C or 1.5% below 0°C. Special wire 0.5°C or 0.4%.


Druck , PDCR 930TI 5 psi: +- 0.5% F.S. Toolik lake depth.


Weathertronics ( now All Weather, Inc.) evaporation gage measure water level in a standard U.S. Class A evaporation pan (size 25.4 cm H X 120.6 cm I.D.) and provides an output proportional to the level in the pan. Specs: 0-6 inches. Accuracy ±0.015 inches. Toolik - 1.


Campbell Scientifics' CS105 Barometric Pressure Sensor. Measures barometric pressure over 600 to 1060 mb range Accuracy is ±0.5 mb @ +20ºC Manufactured by Vaisala, Inc.

List of manufactories and suppliers.

Campbell Scientific, Inc.
81 W. 1800 N.
Logan, Utah 84321-1784
Druck Inc.
4 Dunham Drive
New Fairfield, CT 06812
4421 Superior St
P.O. Box 4425
Lincoln, Nebraska 68504
Omega Engineering, Inc. 
P.O. Box 4047
Stamford, CT 06907-0047
All Weather, Inc
Federal Systems and Integrated Displays
144 Lakefront Drive
Hunt Valley, MD 21030
USA Toll Free: 800-935-2767
Phone: 410 229-7539
Fax: 410-229-7602
Office Hours: 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM EST
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