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PIE-LTER has established three plot-level fertilization sites: a Typha dominated site in the upper Parker River Estuary and two sites on Law's Point in the Rowley River Estuary, one dominated by Spartina patens and the other by Spartina alterniflora. Five marsh transects have also been sampled in the Rowley River Estuary, with each transect having three sampling locations (x.1, x.2, x.3, with increasing distance from Rowley River Estuary):

(1) Holy Island Transect
(2) Morris Island Transect
(3) Law's Point Transect
(4) Sweeney Creek Transect
(5) Levine Marsh Transect

Several benchmarks have also been established within the Plum Island marsh system, near the Rowley Field House, on Law's Point, and on Holy Island.

Marsh fertilization plots and transects

Rowley Marsh and Fertilization SET plots overlayed on a color orthophoto

USC Graduate Student, Rob Daoust, measuring surface elevation at the Law's Point fertilization plot.


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