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Estuarine Physics

Estuarine physical data for use in PIE LTER research includes: water level measurements as produced and maintained by the National Ocean Service (NOS) Center for Operational Oceanographic Products and Services (CO-OPS); water level measurements as maintained by the PIE LTER; estuarine surface area and volume data; advection-dispersion data from rhodamine dye studies, and estuary gas exchange rates from an SF6 addition study.

Estuarine Surface Area and Volume
Advection - Dispersion Dye Release Studies

Sulfur Hexafluoride gas transects in the Parker River Estuary to determine gas exchange rates.

Also see "Direct Measurement of Gas Exchange Rates in the Parker River Estuary": PHYSF6Description

Monthly mean sea level data (1921-2011) Boston, Massachusetts

Boston, MA sea level trends (1921-2011)
Link for graphics of NOAA/NOS CO-OPS Boston, Massachusetts sea level trends (Boston station number 8443970)
Boston, MA water level station 8443970
Link to station information for Boston, Massachusetts

Monthly mean sea level data (1912-2011) Portland, Maine

Portland, ME sea level trends (1912-2011)
Link for graphics of NOAA/NOS CO-OPS Portland, Maine sea level trends (Portland station number 8418150)
Portland, ME water level station 8418150
Link to station information for Portland, Maine

Charleston, SC sea level trends (1921-2011)
Link for graphics of NOAA/NOS CO-OPS Charleston, South Carolina sea level trends (Charleston station number 8665530)
Charleston, SC water level station 8665530
Link to station information for Charleston, South Carolina

YSI Water Level Data for three sites on the Parker River
  Middle Road Bridge Route 1A Bridge Ipswich Bay Yacht Club
2012 MON-SO-IBYCRLS2011-2012
2010 MON-SO-IBYCWatLevel2010
2009 MON-SO-IBYCWatLevel2009
2008 MON-PR-MBWatLevel2008 MON-SO-IBYCWatLevel2008
2007 MON-PR-MBWatLevel2007 MON-SO-IBYCWatLevel2007
2006 MON-PR-MBWatLevel2006 MON-SO-IBYCWatLevel2006
2005 MON-PR-MBWatLevel2005 MON-SO-IBYCWatLevel2005
2004 MON-PR-MBWatLevel2004 MON-SO-IBYCWatLevel2004
2003 MON-PR-MBWatLevel2003 MON-SO-IBYCWatLevel2003
2002 MON-PR-MBWatLevel2002 MON-PR-RT1AWatLevel2002 MON-SO-IBYCWatLevel2002
2001 MON-PR-MBWatLevel2001 MON-PR-RT1AWatLevel2001 MON-SO-IBYCWatLevel2001
2000 MON-PR-MBWatLevel2000 MON-PR-RT1AWatLevel2000 MON-SO-IBYCWatLevel2000


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