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Ecosystems Center
Marine Biological Laboratory
7 MBL St.
Woods Hole, MA 02543

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Dataset ID:WAT-IP-1998Monthly.01
Dataset Title:Nutrient base flow condition data for the Ipswich River main stem, major tributaries, and headwaters, July 1998 to July 1999.
Investigator 1: 
First Name:Charles
Last Name:Hopkinson
Address line 1:Ecosystems Center
Address line 2:MBL
Address line 3:7 MBL St
City:Woods Hole
Zip Code:02543
Associate Investigators:Ed Rastetter, Joe Vallino, Michael Williams, Solange Filoso, Luc Claessens, Jeff Evans
Keywords:PIE LTER, inorganic nutrients, Ipswich River, ammonium, nitrate, nitrogen, phosphate, phosphorus, watershed
Abstract:Nutrient data set for the Ipswich River main stem, major tributaries, and headwaters. Data are from base flow conditions. Samplings were from July 1998 to July 1999, and were collected and analyzed by MBL
Contact: Plum Island Ecosystems LTER Information Manager
The Ecosystems Center
Marine Biological Lab
7 MBL St
Woods Hole, MA 02543
Phone (508) 289 7485
Online URL:
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Data File Name WAT-IP-1998Monthly
Beginning Date 7/2/1998
End Date 7/6/1999
Number of Data Records 161
Other Files to Reference
Availability Status Type 2
Quality Control Information
Maintenance Description
Log of Changes: Ver 01 Excel EML upgrade
Geographic Description Ipswich River watershed, Massachusetts  
Location Bounding Box    
West Bounding Coordinate -71.3343127  
East Bounding Coordinate -70.7134174  
North Bounding Coordinate 42.4465968  
South Bounding Coordinate 42.7602526  
OR if single point location    
Taxonomic Protocols
Organisms studied
Ipswich River main-stem and tributary samples collected and analyzed by MBL (July 1998 to July 1999)
"River km" indicates distance from "zero" at mouth of Plum Island Sound which is 7.358 km downstream of the Ipswich Sylvania Dam

Station ID Location River km Town STATE X STATE Y LAT LONG
Main Stem Ipswich River
WAT-IP-IP00 Woburn Street 57.844 Wilmington 229261 922641 42.55377 -71.14371
WAT-IP-IP01 Mill Street 53.829 Reading 231973 923476 42.56118 -71.11064
WAT-IP-IP03 Central Street 51.282 North Reading 233673 924718 42.57229 -71.08987
WAT-IP-IP04 Route 62 49.067 North Reading 235314 925186 42.57643 -71.06985
WAT-IP-IR-PS Pumping Station 46.028 North Reading 237134 924693 42.57191 -71.04772
WAT-IP-IP06 Bostik 44.086 Middleton 238657 924466 42.56979 -71.02918
WAT-IP-Hilldale Hilldale Avenue 42.056 Middleton 240318 923859 42.56424 -71.00899
WAT-IP-IP08 Log Bridge Road (West St.) 38.675 Middleton 241607 925387 42.57793 -70.99319
WAT-IP-IP10 Route 62 35.43 Middleton 241318 927369 42.59579 -70.99656
WAT-IP-IP11 Peabody Street 32.208 Middleton 241264 929664 42.61645 -70.99706
WAT-IP-IP13 Rowley Bridge Road 28.732 Topsfield 243730 930853 42.62702 -70.96691
WAT-IP-IP14 Salem Road 26.845 Topsfield 245138 930709 42.62564 -70.94976
WAT-IP-IR-97 Route 97 25.346 Topsfield 246323 930525 42.62392 -70.93533
WAT-IP-IP16 IRWS - Boat Launch 22.667 Topsfield 247653 930787 42.62620 -70.91909
WAT-IP-IP18 Asbury Road 17.215 Topsfield 248221 933850 42.65373 -70.91191
WAT-IP-IP20 Winthrop Street 14.699 Ipswich 249961 934438 42.65892 -70.89064
WAT-IP-IP22 Mill Road 11.412 Ipswich 252322 934396 42.65838 -70.86185
WAT-IP-IP24 Sylvania Dam 7.358 Ipswich 254279 936547 42.67761 -70.83778

Main Stem Tributaries (With reference to tributaries, "River km" indicates distance of intersection with tributary and the Ipswich River)
WAT-IP-MB01 Martins Brook at Park St. 52.264 North Reading 232739 924632 42.57156 -71.10125
WAT-IP-BB Boston Brook at Peabody St. 33.041 Middleton 240744 929741 42.61717 -71.00339
WAT-IP-FB-BV Fish Brook at Brookview Rd. 28.826 Boxford 238700 935037 42.66495 -71.02795
WAT-IP-FB-MI Fish Brook at Middleton Rd. 28.826 Boxford 240634 934316 42.65836 -71.00441
WAT-IP-FB-WA Fish Brook at Washington St. 28.826 Boxford 243166 931249 42.63062 -70.97376
WAT-IP-HB-01 Howlett Brook at Ipswich Rd. 17.236 Topsfield 247794 933994 42.65506 -70.91711
WAT-IP-MR-1A Miles River at County Rd. 9.534 Ipswich 253852 934390 42.65822 -70.84319

Upper Ipswich River Tributaries
WAT-IP-LB Lubbers Brook at Glen Rd. 63.474 Wilmington 226040 923979 42.56593 -71.18287
WAT-IP-MMB Maple Meadow Brook,Wildwood St. 59.412 Wilmington 228204 922522 42.55274 -71.15659

Data Table

Variable Name Variable Description Units Measurement Scale Code Information Number Type DateTime Format Missing Value Code Missing Value Code Explanation
Sample collector Group that collected sample   nominal       blank no data
Location Sample location description or name   nominal       blank no data
Date Date sample was collected   datetime     dd-mmm-yyyy blank no data
Sample # Sample number identification   nominal       blank no data
StationID Station identification   nominal       blank no data
NH4 Ammonium concentration as NH4-N microMolesPerLiter ratio   real   blank no data
NO3 Nitrate concentration as NO3-N microMolesPerLiter ratio   real   blank no data
TDN Total dissolved nitrogen as N microMolesPerLiter ratio   real   blank no data
PO4 Phosphate concentration as PO4-P microMolesPerLiter ratio   real   blank no data
TDP Total dissolved phosphorus concentration as P microMolesPerLiter ratio   real   blank no data
River km at Dam Distance from Sylvania Dam, Ipswich, MA (0 km) kilometer ratio   real   blank no data
River km at Sound Distance from mouth of Plum Island Sound (7.358 km downstream of Sylvania Dam) kilometer ratio   real   blank no data
Town Town that sample was collected in   nominal       blank no data
STATE X x coordinates (meters) in MA state plane NAD 83 meter ratio   real   blank no data
STATE Y y coordinates (meters) in MA state plane NAD 83 meter ratio   real   blank no data
LAT Latitude of sample collection (decimal degrees) degree interval   real   blank no data
LONG Longitude of sample collection (decimal degrees) degree interval   real   blank no data