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Undergraduate Student Work
Education is an important aspect of the Plum Island Ecosystems LTER.  This section of the dataset includes work from undergraduate students working in Plum Island through the Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program, the Semester in Environmental Science, or the Woods Hole Marine Science Consortium program.
Many student papers are published in the Marine Biological Laboratory's Biological Bulletin
Research Experience For Undergraduate (REU)
Name Home Institution Year Title of Project
Morgan Johnston Penn State University 2003 The Importance of Metabolism in the Development of Salt Mash Ponds
Jason Cavatorta Amherst College 2003 Patters on Sedimentation in a Salt Marsh Dominated Estuary
Sarah Twichell Middlebury College 2002 Long-Term Effects of Sewage Effluent on a Tidal Salt Marsh Creek
John Ludlam Gordon College 2002 The Effects of Haying and Salt Marsh Invertebrates
Diana Huffaker Clark University 2002 Reconstructing Historical Landuse in the Ipswich River Watershed
Libby Williams Miami University (Ohio) 2001 The Effects of Salt Marsh Haying on Benthic Algal Biomass
Adena Greenbaum Wellesley College 2000 Differences in Chemistry of Salt Marsh Sediments Between Hayed and Non-hayed Sites
Jamie Haines Connecticut College 2000 Food Choice Convergence of Benthic and Pelagic Fishes Along an Estuarine Geomorphological Gradient
Julie Horowitz Hampshire College 2000 Stable Isotope Analysis of Food Webs in Hayed and Reference Salt Marshes
Ryan Kirby Harvey Mudd College 2000 Modeling the Effects of Land Use Change on Nitrogen Biogeochemistry in the Ipswich Watershed, MA
Anne Perring Brown University 2000 Solute Dynamics in Storm Flow of the Ipswich River Basin: Effects of Land Use
Kara Sergeant Dickinson College 2000 Bivalve Grazing Pressure on Primary Producers in a New England Estuary
Amelia Wolf Colorado College 2000 Dissolved Inorganic Nitrogen Uptake Kinetics and Relative Preference Indices for Estuarine Primary Producers
Susannah Canfield Bates College 1999 Long-term Effect of Municipal Water Use on the Water Budget of the Ipswich River Basin
Sharon Komarow Stanford University 1999 The Influence of Flooding on the Abundance and Growth of Fundulus heteroclitus in Salt Marsh Creeks
Talia Young Swarthmore College 1999 Population Size and Summer Home Range of Carcinus maenas in Salt Marsh Tidal Creeks
Catherine Schmitt University of Massachusetts, Amherst 1998 A preliminary evaluation of sedimentation rates and species distribution in the Rowley River Estuary
Jen Sweeney Hiram College 1998 Population Size and Site Fidelity of Fundulus heteroclitus in a Macrotidal Creek
Nat Weston Hampshire College 1996 Estimating Denitrification in Sediments of the Parker River Estuary, Massachusetts
Steve Carini University of Colorado, Boulder 1996 Direct Measurement of Gas Exchange Rates in the Parker River Estuary

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