SES graduates are making an ever larger contribution to the field of environmental science and policy. About half of SES alums go on to professional or graduate school in fields related to environmental science or policy. In addition to science and education, our alums are currently working in fields such as environmental law, engineering, and even emissions trading. SES alumni who have not completed advanced degrees are employed in technical or support positions in science, work for non-governmental organizations or government agencies, are environmental consultants or environmental educators.

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Pictured: Class of 2007 and faculty

Jeremy Arling (SES '99, Bowdoin College, '01) received a degree in environmental law from University of Oregon School of Law in 2003 and currently works for the Office of Wastewater Manangement (EPA) in Washington, DC on rural permitting policy .

"During law school and summer internships I found that those who practice environmental law often have little understanding of environmental science. The Semester in Environmental Science provided me with a unique understanding of and perspective on these issues. The mission of my office as a whole, is to address the problem of nutrient discharges into waters. For my independent study at SES, I used isotopic analysis to gauge the nitrogen loading of West Falmouth Harbor. Because my job now requires understanding of these issues, I still feel connected to my field studies and the things I learned at SES." ~ Jeremy Arling