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Students by Year

2007 >> click for photo
Lauren Bizzari Colby College Effect of advective processes on denitrification of a 15NO3 tracer in NITREX(tm) permeable reactive barriers measured by membrane inlet mass spectrometry (419 Kb PDF)
Richard Brereton Colorado College Response of estuarine phytoplankton to DIN & DON in groundwater measured by flow cytometry (49 Kb PDF)
Megan Carpenter Lafayette College The effect of iron oxide on dissimilatory nitrate reduction to ammonium (DNRA) in a NITREX™ medium (107 Kb PDF)
Andrew Franks Brandeis University Nitrogen cycling, soil biogeochemistry and edge effects along roadways with different traffic volumes (250 Kb PDF)
George Gregory Bates College Nitrogen vs. phosphorus limitation in freshwater coastal plain ponds in watersheds with different land uses (105 Kb PDF)
Genevieve Noyce Mount Holyoke College Biogeochemistry and vegetation in cranberry bog chronosequence (59 Kb PDF)
Benjamin Pyerson Haverford College Effects of nitrate on pyrite oxidation of salt marsh sediments (471 Kb PDF)
Lindsay Schwarting Clarkson University Effective strategies for coastal grassland management and restoration
Rose Smith Mount Holyoke College Amino acid metabolism in forest soils (44 Kb PDF)
Amy Snyder Skidmore College The effect of microbe invasions on the methanotroph metabolism and community structure in microcosms (229 Kb PDF)
2006 >> click for photo
Brook Brouwer Colorado College Impacts of land use history and chronic nitrogen addition in agricultural and forest soils (319 Kb PDF)
Angela Burnett- Penn Brandeis University Effects of restricting tidal flow on decomposition and nutrient cycling in the Great Sippewissett Salt Marsh System, Falmouth MA (189 Kb PDF)
Will Daniels Lawrence University Mussels and metals in the Sippewissett Marsh, Falmouth MA, and Eel Pond, Woods Hole, MA (80 Kb PDF)
Whitney Eng Brown Universtiy Using infauna abundance and genetic markers in oysters as an indicator of  hypoxia down-gradient from a NITREXTM permeable reactive barrier(498 Kb PDF)
Gregory Henkes Bates College Tracing sources of nitrogen for primary producers in West Falmouth Harbor by examining the δ15N values of macroalgae, ulva and gracilaria (629 Kb PDF)
Cora Johnston Hampshire College The implications of land use change on availability of food resources for migratory birds (136 Kb PDF)
Yukari Kaito Sarah Lawrence College The effect of temperature and grazing on algal primary production and nutrient uptake (299 Kb PDF)
Karen Kayfetz Brown University Nutrient loading and N vs. P limitation of phytoplankton in the Quashnet and West Falmouth Harbor estuaries (145 Kb PDF)
Amanda Keledjian Grinnell College Abundance, feeding habits and substrate preferences of the brittle star, O. brevispinum, in different habitats of West Falmouth Harbor in Massachusetts(229 Kb PDF)
Bianca Kissel Connecticut College The effect of soil warming on ectomycorrhizal fungal abundance and on nitrogen storage in fungi (1,678 Kb PDF)
Yusuke Kumai Vassar College The effect of water temperature on the distribution and metabolic rate of fish species in streams on Cape Cod(346 Kb PDF)
Kaitlyn Lucey Wellesly College Methane production and microbial methanogen abundance based on real-time polymerase chain reaction analysis across a NITREXTM permeable reactive barrier in Waquoit Bay(367 Kb PDF)
Kimberly Morrell Carleton College An analysis of the benthic invertebrate communities in agriculturally impacted and restored stream ecosystems on Cape Cod (268 Kb PDF)
Stephanie Oleksyk Clark University The rate of sedimentation in the Great Sippewissett Salt Marsh, Falmouth, MA (333 Kb PDF)
Susan Pincus Mount Holyoke College Effects of adding sewage sludge and urea-phosphate fertilizers to the Great Sippewissett Salt Marsh, Falmouth, MA, on heavy metals and microbial N-cycling (103 Kb PDF)
Lucy Robins Vassar College Cranberry bog restoration: The effect of cultivation and restoration on nutrient uptake and cycling in streams on Cape Cod(155 Kb PDF)
Laura van der Pol Wellesley College Effect of dominant grass species on nitrogen cycling in salt marsh sediments (90 Kb PDF)
Angela Vincent Grinnell College The effects of seawater intrusion on microbial nitrate and sulfate reduction within a NITREXTM permeable reactive barrier designed to mitigate ground-water N-pollution in Waquoit Bay, MA(694 Kb PDF)
2005 >> click for photo
Adam Akullian Brown Univsity Tracing eelgrass loss in estuarine sediments (653 Kb PDF)
Kate Fiedler Dickinson College Topography and succession of scrub oak on Martha’s Vineyard(528 Kb PDF)
Katie Harrold Middlebury College Long-term heavy metal retention in Great Sippewissett Marsh (208 Kb PDF)
Ellen Herbert Kenyon College Carbon quality and carbon cycling in contrasting forest soils(220 Kb PDF)
Natalie Levy U. of California, Berkeley The effects of nutrient load on habitat structure and feeding behavior of mummichogs
Will Longo Haverford College Benthic organic matter quality in eelgrass beds (163 Kb PDF)
Cara Machacek Colorado College Interactions between mycorrhizae and plants in the Falmouth wastewater treatment plant (273 Kb PDF)
Craig McGowan Brown University Sediment metabolism and N-cycling in West Falmouth Harbor sediments (228 Kb PDF)
Sabrina Moreau Hampshire College Influence of a carbon-rich permeable reactive NITREX ® barrier on groundwater flow paths and dissolved nitrogen and carbon concentrations (335 Kb PDF)
Laura Nagel Allegheny College Soil properties of Martha’s Vineyard grassland restoration sites (404 Kb PDF)
Jennifer Peters Bard College Water budget model of Martha’s Vineyard forest and grassland(136 Kb PDF)
Jennifer Reimer Clark University Carbon and nitrogen dynamics in flow-through microcosms of NITREX ® reactive media (365 Kb PDF)
Courtney Shannon Colorado College Carbon chemistry of cedar, maple and pine bogs (976 Kb PDF)
Hilary Smith Ripon College Effects of nutrients and allochthonous organic matter on microbial communities and metabolism in microcosms (178 Kb PDF)
Rowan Spivey Haverford College Nitrogen loading and attenuation in the West Falmouth watershed (388 Kb PDF)
Nicole Travis Brown University The effects of nutrient load on habitat structure and feeding behavior of grass shrimp, Paleomonetes pugio (353 Kb PDF)
Jeff Walker Cornell University Whole ecosystem metabolism of West Falmouth Harbor (2,098 Kb PDF)
2004 >> click for photo
Lisa Brunie Mount Holyoke College Effects of temperature and sediment water content on carbon dioxide and methane fluxes in peat cores from Atlantic white cedar swamps (156 Kb PDF)
Emily de Moor Brown University The effects of clear-cutting on soil and groundwater nitrogen pools on Martha’s Vineyard (407 Kb PDF)
Sarah Foster Hampshire College Sediment respiration and denitrification rates along a nitrogen-loading/eutrophication gradient in a shallow coastal estuary (West Falmouth Harbor) (725 Kb PDF)
Sarah Hicks Hampshire College The effects of invasive species on soil biogeochemistry (400 Kb PDF)
Kevin Kingsland Beloit College Human Disturbance to Riparian Vegetation and its Effect on Aquatic Food Web Dynamics (162 Kb PDF)
Kate Nolan Bates College A comparison of filtering and oxygen consumption rates in bivalves and an evaluation of their capacity to reduce eutrophication in West Falmouth Harbor
Rose Phillips Mount Holyoke College Effects of redox potential and seagrass cover on concentrations and speciation of Cu, Cr, and Pb in West Falmouth Harbor sediments (662 Kb PDF)
Noam Ross Noam Ross The response of microplankton trophic structure to organic and inorganic nitrogen loading (136 Kb PDF)
Emily Sampson Emily Sampson Carbon dioxide and methane production along a moisture/organic matter gradient in Atlantic white cedar swamps (210 Kb PDF)
Chad Yaindl Lafayette College An analysis of nutrient removal capability of agriculturallyimpacted vs. restored wetlands (223 Kb PDF)
2003 >> click for photo
Marselle Alexander-Ozinskas Bates College The role of sphagnum in the acid-base chemistry of bog waters (191 Kb PDF)
Beth Bernhardt Lawrence College Sulfate reduction and alkalinity generation in aquatic ecosystem (226 Kb PDF)
Jacqueline Bowie Bates College Possible effects of copper on Mya arenaria behavior and benthic-pelagic coupling (137 Kb PDF)
Nicole Chiota Furman University Lability of DON from pristine vs. anthropogenically influenced systems (160 Kb PDF)
Gareth Crosby Mount Holyoke University Effects on phosphorous cycling in fresh and marine sediments with iron and sulfate addition (261 Kb PDF)
Michael Fichman Haverford College Effects of nitrogen on tannin concentrations in oaks and on palatability of oak forests(176 Kb PDF)
Eve Gasarch Bates College Components of ecosystem metabolism in cranberry bog influenced streams
Timothy Gocke Lafayette College Upland land-use and the effects on upper Trophic level dynamics and structure (280 Kb PDF)
Jacqueline Gordon Brandeis University Chemical composition of anthropogenically influenced groundwater (251 Kb PDF)
Melanie Hayn Cornell University Effect of changes in salinity and sulfate concentration on potential nitrification in freshwater and marine sediments (83 Kb PDF)
Caitlin Hicks Middlebury College Nutrient limitations on peat decomposition in Atlantic white cedar swamps (189 Kb PDF)
Katherine Kleese Grinnell College The effect of land-use history on soil quality: Implications for sand plain grassland restoration (294 Kb PDF)
Jennifer Korth Dickinson College N and P limitation along a salinity gradient and algal populations' response to changing nutrient loading (2,025 Kb PDF)
Jordan Kramer Vassar College The effect of bioavailable nitrogen on mycorrhizae (193 Kb PDF)
Kendra Myers Middlebury College The impact of fertilization on rates of N2 fixation in cranberry bogs and salt marshes (291 Kb PDF)
Lindsay O,Reilly Bard College A comparison of microbial diversity and rates of nitrification across nutrient and salinity gradients in the Backus and Quashnet Rivers (237 Kb PDF)
Marissa Sue Wellesley College Secondary indirect effects of cupramine on Mummichogs (Fundulus heteroclitus) and its implications on benthic-pelagic food coupling (185 Kb PDF)
Claire Treat Mount Holyoke College Controlled burns and effects on soil nutrients and respiration (282 Kb PDF)
2002 >> click for photo
Jacqueline Adams Ripon College
Allison Burce Harvey Mudd College
Maureen Copeland Allegheny College
Mary Dean Ripon College
Gabriella Engelhart Lafayette College
Laurie Fila Mount Holyoke College
Jennifer Franklin Wheaton College
Chris Freeman Connecticute College
Josh Havassy Haverford College
Moon Koo Clark University
Simon Kang Clark University
Jennedy Kennedy Clarkson University
Sarah Leahy Wheaton College
Claire Leamy Wellesley College
Josh Lindell Dickinson College
Rachael Roberts Skidmore College
Alexandra Shea Earlham College
Stephanie Stern Wellesley College
Kirk Webster Trinity College
Julie Wright Wellesley College
2001 >> click for photo
Nicholas Bauldauf Allegheny College
Elizabeth Burrows Mount Holyoke College
Louise Charkoudian Haverford College
Benjamin Fertig Brandeis Unversity
Andrew Forbes Colgate University
Megan Hartman Lawrence University
Uril Levine Kenyon College
Carmondy McCalley Middlebury College
Meaghan Murphy Mount Holyoke College
Catherine O'Connor Lafayette College
Matthew Reardon Gettysburg College
Kyle Whittinghill Middlebury College
Man-yu Yum Mount Holyoke College
2000 >> click for photo
Katie Angeloni Wheaton College
Leah Bandstra Beloit College
Tara Businski Bates College
Robyn Chiarelli Brandeis College
Joel Creswell Macalester College
Heather Dalsimer Dickinson College
Alison Hayes Lawrence University
Becky Johnson Oberlin College
Becky Karasack Dickinson College
Jason Krumholz Lawrence University
Corey Lawrence Clarkson University
Jessica Schwartz Connecticut College
Hannah Shayler Connecticute College
Catherine Taylor Brandeis University
Kelsa Teeters Brandeis University
1999 >> click for photo
Jeremey Arling Bowdoin College
Jennifer Avery Brandeis College
David Butman Connecticut College
Lara Glueck Claremont McKenna College
Adena Greenbaum Wellesley College
Eve-Lyn Hinckley Middlebury College
Julie Horowitz Hampshire College
Ryan Kirkby Harvey Mudd College
Vandana Mathrani Scripps College
Varsha Mathrani Scripps College
Amanda Mifflin Wellesley College
Sarah Morrisseau Connecticut College
George Peterson Wesleyan University
Joseph Romagnano Worcester Polytechnic
Jill Sohm Harvey Mudd College
Amanda Spivak Bryn Mawr College
Samantha Williams Mount Holyoke College
Tori Ziemann Beloit College
1998 >> click for photo
Ellen Carvill Carleton College
Dreux Chappell Amherst College
Phoebe Congalton Sarah Lawrence College
Cynthia Eldridge Wellesley College
Angela Fa'anunu Middlebury College
Antonia Giardina Colgate University
Aimee Kessler Wellesley University
John McKay Haverford College
Kathleen Radloff Mt. Holyoke College
Alexis Schoppe Dickinson College
Kyle Schwabenbauer Allegheny College
Amanda Thimmayya Bard College
1997 >> click for photo
Toby Ahrens Connecticut College
Hyacinth Armstrong Mt. Holyoke College
Noah Bleich Brandeis University
Abbey DeRocker Bates College
Lynn Diener Bard College
Janice Glass Lafayette College
Sarah Jackson Connecticute College
Sam Kelsey Dickinson College
Christy Meredith Allegheny College
Sophie Parker Wellesley College
Stephanie Parker Middlebury College
Rachel Poretsky Brandeis University
Shana Rapoport Brandeis University
Amy Townsend-Small Skidmore College
Marlene Tsie Brandeis University
Rebecca Weidman Carleton College
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