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The core course lectures cover both aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems from the point of view of biogeochemistry and important ecological processes. In the field and laboratory we will start out in the first eight weeks of the core courses with an intensive study focused mainly on local ecosystems.

Terrestrial fieldwork is conducted at the Falmouth Wastewater Treatment Plant (FWTP) Irrigated Forest. Ecosystems processes, such as primary production and nitrogen mineralization, and properties like standing stock and soil carbon and nitrogen content are analyzed. The experimental forest allows for these characteristics to be compared and contrasted in forest plots that are irrigated with dilute FWTP effluent and plots in control areas.
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Falmouth Sewage Treatment Plant with the SES Study Area
The Falmouth Sewage Treatment Plant (FSTP) Aeration tanks at the FSTP to keep waste-water oxygenated for microbial activity
Irrigation of the FSTP Collecting data at the FSTP
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