Precipitation Data

Several spatially explicit precipitation data sets have been used to extrapolate TEM across the the conterminous United States (VEMAP), Alaska (VEMAP) and the globe (Legates and Willmott, Cramer and Leemans, CCMLP and CRU). In addition, TEM has also been coupled to MIT's Integrated Global System Model (IGSM) to examine future precipitation under various climate change scenarios.

Unfortunately, agreements with many of the data suppliers prevent us from redistributing the data sets used in our model extrapolations. However, we are able to provide links in the table below to sites where the reader may be able to obtain these data sets with their own arrangements with the data suppliers.

History of Input Data Sets Used for Regional Extrapolations
Data Set TEM 1.0 TEM 2.0 TEM 3.0 TEM 4.0 TEM 4.1 TEM 4.2 TEM 4.3 TEM 5.0 TEM 6.0
Legates and Willmott X X X            
Cramer and Leemans       X          
VEMAP       Phase I Phase II     Phase II  
MIT IGSM         X X X    
Carbon Cycle Model Linkage Project (CCMLP)           X X X  
Climate Research Unit (CRU)               X X