The Conte Research Group - OFP

OFP Collaborations around the Globe

Research and educational collaborations with individuals having diverse areas of expertise are an important component of the OFP time-series. Sample material and data generated by the OFP have been used utilized by marine scientists throughout the United States and around the world. The ultra-clean sample processing techniques allow for a wide range of research studies that require uncontaminated sample material amenable for trace level analyses. The quantitative photo archive being generated opens up new possibilities for image analysis and other “virtual” investigations of the deep ocean flux.

Results of OFP collaborators, coupled with the three decade longevity of the core time-series data, has contributed greatly to our understanding of the functioning of the deep ocean. As a result, we are gaining valuable insights into the linkages among biological, chemical and physical oceanographic processes as well as the critical interplay between ocean functioning and our world’s climate.

If you are interested in a potential collaboration that would require OFP sample material, would like to utilize the OFP database in your research, or are interested in joining an OFP cruise for sampling or educational purposes, please contact Dr. Maureen Conte at

Regarding any inquiries for OFP data or possible use of subsampled material, please review the Agreement for Distribution of Oceanic Flux Program Sediment Trap Material.