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Graduations Ceremonies Held for New PhDs

Graduation ceremonies were held at Brown University and Boston University last month and three Ecosystems Center graduate students received their PhD degrees. Gillian Galford and Yawei (Wayne) Luo (in photo on left) were graduated from Brown and Erin Kinney (right) received her degree from Boston University. Wayne's thesis was titled "A Data Assimilating Model of the Microbial Ecosystem in the Open Ocean." His advisers were Hugh Ducklow of the Ecosystems Center and Warren Prell of Brown’s Geological Sciences Department. Gillian's thesis was "Biogeochemical Consequences of Land-Cover and Land-Use Change in the Agricultural Frontier of the Brazilian Amazon," and her advisors were Jerry Melillo of the center and Brown's Jack Mustard. Erin Kinney's thesis was  " Experimental and Regional Studies of Sources of Nitrogen Using Models and Stable Isotopes in Salt Marshes." Her adviser was Ivan Valiela of the Ecosystems Center.

Gillian is now a postdoctoral fellow at the Earth Institute at Columbia University and Wayne holds a postdoctoral fellowship at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. Erin will start a postdoctoral fellowship with Ivan Valielia, working with the Nature Conservancy on Long Island to manage nitrogen loads to Great South Bay.