Data and Modeling Archive

Field data

Sampling Grid and Biogeochemistry Data
The field site for this project was Sider Pond, Falmouth MA (located here). Samples over a 24 hour period spaced approximately every 4 hours (7 profiles) from 8 depths were taken from a single station located at the maximum depth of the pond, here on 25-26 Jun 2015. This sampling generated the follow 2D grid:
Siders Pond sampling grid
The biogeochemical data collected during the campaign are in this Excel file: AllDataGrid.xlsx
The data sheets associated with each sample are in this pdf file: FieldData.pdf
Sampling, sample preservation and analysis can be found in this manuscript.
Some details on the biogeochem data can be found in FieldObservations.pdf

Molecular sequences
Metagenomics and metatranscriptomics were conducted on the first cast, and metatranscriptomics were conducted on the remaining 6 casts. Due to limited project funds only 46 samples were sequenced and are publicly available on JGI's database under study Gs0116874. These sequences will also be made available on the Sequence Read Archive.
Some description on the omics and bacteria counts can be found in Genomice&Bacteria.pdf

Model Code

All model code with example output that are described in the 2018 manuscript are publicly available on GitHub here: maxEntropyProd/MEP-SidersPond. The code is also registered under this DOI: DOI

A short, and earlier, description of the modeling approach can be found in GoverningEquations_V2.pdf, but the current version of the model with more details can be found in the supplemental materials section of the manuscript above, version 4 here: SupplementaryMaterial_Vallino&Huber_v4.pdf